A Song From A Love Letter


by Ruffian Angel

A Song From A Love Letter

As i come to learn you

i remember early days

when i learnt to fly.

The more i learnt the more i wanted


Will you fly with me?


As my laughtered wings

danced through the skies

my joy was like 

each time you smile.


Come fly with me?


Yes there were clouds

but each has a silver lining

each can demonstrate that

most of the sky is cheerful blue


Patience and tenderness

and a passion for life

 is what i saw in the angelic faces

of the many wispy clouds.


Take my hand as we soar across the blue?


a boy in my early days of flight

i dreamt of taking the hand

of a beautiful angel

dancing from cloud to cloud


Upwords we climb,

soaring the heavens

like others can only do in a dream.

Lifting, gliding, twirling, darting,

we are like sky ballerinas.


In the warm glistening sunlight

the golden coloured butterfly wings

flitting all around a belief

that life and love are truly beautiful.


Beautifully ours.

Be my angel?

Please, fly with me?

Come fly with me?

Ruffian Angel © 2014

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